The global warming “band” wagon

Long after Michael Jackson wrote the Earth Song about man-made calamities, Al Gore made a film and made a speech at the Oscars about our planet and global warming. Now Al ‘I used to be the next President of America’ Gore is promoting the Live Earth concerts to Save Our Selves.

All very noble, if it did not entail massive spending of energy, and where does one start?

Pop stars getting on the band wagon literally and taking their entourages on flights to various locations (although Sheryl Crow is taking a bio-diesel bus instead on her US tour), the electricity consumed in powering guitars/ amps/ microphones and in lighting up stadia (after all Madonna is hardly going to sing unplugged and seated, with a candle and mandolin for company!), and not to mention the large numbers who will travel to see the simultaneous concerts and the even larger numbers who will tune into their television sets to watch it.

The only thing that seems funny in all this are the headlines. Don’t forget to get your pun-cells into gear:

“Sheryl Crow starts global warming tour”

“Madonna heads UK Live Earth bill”

Enough said. Never mind there is no Freddie Mercury anymore to get people clapping in unison in several cities at once…

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