Partial explanations

Miriam Gross, who writes a column in the weekend FT, writes today about the recent surge in the trend of women displaying their cleavages at academic conferences, on the floor of the House of Commons and even the US senate, where reportedly Hillary Clinton started this trend, accidentally or otherwise.

Gross cites an assertion from the famous zoologist Desmond Morris that the cleavage may be a sexual signal that imitates the image of the cleft between the buttocks. Her subsequent attempts at explaning the trend focus on the first half of this assertion and the signalling aspects of the matter.

What about a more literal interpretation?

Might it be that cleavage-revealing sisterhood, after years of having to behave and even dress like a man to fit in a man’s world, might actually be collectively mooning the male majority in their workplaces and asking them all to, using a common Americanism, kiss their a**?

Just a thought.