On fitness

What I hear:

“I do not have time.”

“I get plenty exercise at work/ with children/ with the commute.”

“I do not need exercise; look, I have no weight to lose!”

“I do not eat a lot; I do not need exercise.”

“My mother and grandmother did not; why should I?”

“I have no motivation to go running on cold rainy mornings.”

“I have an old injury.” (This one always perplexes me, especially coming from those who have never done a minute’s strenuous work-out in their lives.)

“Are you calling me fat??”

What I say:

If you are in your 20s or 30s, chances are your body has to carry you for a good 50-60 years.

Does your body today look like it could make that journey for the next 50-60 years with you?

If yes, what are you doing to maintain it? If not, what can you change today to ensure you can indeed make it last the distance?

Good enough for you?

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