Dying not to do exercise

Last week I wrote a post titled “On Fitness“. It has always amazed – and in some cases, amused – me to hear the long list of excuses presented by my adult friends for not doing any exercise.

New YouGov research shows that only 38% of British people would exercise if their life depended on it. And only 4% of adults find exercise fun, which is another way of saying that 96% do not find exercise fun. Body shape, looking good and fancying someone at the gym are found to be reasons motivating more people than the 13% of women and 4% of men who exercise to keep their hearts fit.

Is it that exercise gets bad, or worse, no press at all?

Or is it just that we are getting more and more inventive about our excuses to stay on the sofa?

Must fun be the decisive factor in everything before we choose to do it?

Is it wrong for me to wonder if we have our priorities totally upside down, or is it that society’s incessant search for hedonism really is beyond my comprehension?

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