Is it blogging war?

Recently I noticed that on Blogger blogs, a commenter has three options:

use a Google or Blogger account;

stay anonymous;

or choose something called ‘Nickname’ whatever that means.

Notice something? There is no more the possibility to provide a link to the commenter’s own blog unless he/ she has a Blogger-hosted blog.

In practice, this just means that those with blogs on WordPress, Typepad, Vox etc cannot cross-promote their blogs while commenting on Blogger-hosted blogs.

Is it fair? Probably not but free services are not warranted and EULA conditions change all the time, so nobody can complain and Google/ Blogger is within their rights to do this.

Does it matter? Probably it does, to those whose Technorati ranking matters to them. Also because it may stifle some debate in the blogosphere.

Does anyone care? This is a tougher one. You tell me. Do you?

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