Four for Friday (8)

This occasional series of good readings from around the web appears when the week’s readings have been thought-provoking. Normally the themes are strategy, technology, investment and regulation, but this week’s links are about broader thinking that defies disciplinary walls.

Just three days after my post on Darwin’s life, John Kay wrote this thought-provoking piece on the application of evolutionary theory to business, politics and society. The article appeared in the Financial Times.

As someone who regularly writes about the need for broader multidisciplinary perspectives and about not fearing complexity but relishing it, I felt a tinge of sadness after reading this article in the Intelligent Life: The Last Days of the Polymath.

Many of my clients and friends are entrepreneurs. Some are not. Either way if you think you know what an entrepreneur should look like, read this Kauffman Foundation report on The Anatomy of An Entrepreneur (pdf link).

And if that did not give you enough food for thought for the weekend (or fortnight), do read JP Rangaswami’s musing about choice in the enterprise. If you do not already make it a habit of reading his blog, Confused of Calcutta, I’d highly recommend it.

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