Four For Friday (10)

This occasional series of good readings from around the web covers the themes of strategy, technology, investment and regulation. This week’s picks highlight intertwined themes of entrepreneurship, venture financing, successful commercialisation and, well, politics.

Much social media discussion ends up centred on consumers. Not this article which presents A Fractal Perspective on Enterprise 2.0 (hat-tip to Syamant).

The Pew Internet and American Life project reports that technology use does not lead to social isolation. You can download the entire report (.pdf) here.

Not that any more provocation is needed in the entrepreneur-VC relationship – see for instance, this post about Four Types of VCs – but here from Fred Destin’s blog: The ignorant VC as counterpart to the ignorant entrepreneur.

In a week when Meg Whitman, erstwhile CEO of eBay and Carly Fiorina, erstwhile CEO of HP enter mainstream political fray, it is timely to consider the never boring topic of an entrepreneur’s politics. Is being a Silicon Valley republican as good a measure of entrepreneurial success as being a Stanford computer science graduate?  (hat-tip to Chris Yeh).

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