Four For Friday (11)

This occasional series of good readings from around the web covers the themes of strategy, technology, investment and regulation. This week’s picks include: the broader business environment, enterprise collaboration and social media, how to pick a co-founder and some humour.

Jeff Jarvis argues that the future of business is in ecosystems (link via @Syamant) Rupert Murdoch does not think so, of course. But I don’t think Google is worried much. Although I really think this element of selective curation to comply with people’s wish to be excluded from Google’s indexing could be a slippery slope for Google whose line always has been “It’s the algorithm, stupid”. What do you think?

Enterprise usage of Twitter is apparently up 250% in 6 months, reports Mashable. My recent conversations suggest the trend is on the up in the most conservative of sectors and companies. What about your firm and your sector? Of course, another perspective is about growing security concerns. The full report can be found here.

VentureHacks’s Naval’s spot-on note on How To Pick A Co-founder. Some basic but essential advice.

And for a chuckle, via @MarcusduSautoy, on Newton, Leibniz, Calculus and derivatives:

Newton and Leibniz (Copyright: XKCD)
Newton and Leibniz (Copyright: XKCD)

One thought on “Four For Friday (11)

  1. Enterprise usage is on the up but still very much at nascent stage and the main reason which is correctly pointed out is due to growing security concerns. Very nice & informative blogs – visiting for the first time though following long time back …thanks for sharing…:)

    @Gagrin: Thanks for reading and sharing your views. The reasons for no-to-slow adoption are multifarious, but security is the most significant one. I hope to write more on this issue based on my many conversations, some time soon. Thanks.


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