Four For Friday (12)

This occasional, ok extremely occasional, series of good readings from around the web covers the themes of strategy, technology, investment and regulation. The emphasis is on sharing readings that are departure points, as much as they are good readings. This week’s picks are biased towards health care but include: a venture capital Grand Daddy on what it is all about, a left-field read for strategy (and criticism from customers), and how technology could improve healthcare.

Via @PKedrosky on Twitter: Bill Draper takes stock of the venture capital industry. Great read.

Via @NilanjanaRoy on Twitter: Why criticism matters. Read with an open mind about customer criticism, in a week when Starbucks faced criticism from consumers on changing its logo, and Virgin said it will withhold BAA dues over December’s snowcalypse at Heathrow. How far should customer criticism influence strategy?

How information technology could change healthcare: Paging Dr Luddite.

Two related readings on health care: Ensuring safe and effective drugs, and Bad maths in medical research.

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