Four For Friday (13)

This occasional series of good readings from around the web does not appear some weeks; other weeks I regret calling it “Four For Friday” because I have encountered more like fourteen or sometimes forty great readings. The readings are meant to be departure points for further thinking, not just as-is pieces. This week’s picks should send all cylinders we work on here – strategy, technology, investment and regulation – firing.

Do you nurse doubts about the power of the internet? Spend some time on this link over on the BBC. Related reading on what happens to persons who are incessantly on.

Very long, thought-provoking read on how 2010 was the year genomics experienced growing pains – with regulation, economics and litigation.

Ever considered Science and Anthropology at war? If the strategic impact of science and technology on human life concerns you, that link should leave you thinking very hard.

CDC’s informative eye-opener of a report on health disparities in the USA – link to the full report here (.PDF), a comment in the New York Times here.

One thought on “Four For Friday (13)

  1. Great. Thank you for the links and info. The power of the Internet is an opportunity but a big problem as well for all of us. By the way, and not totally off-topic, I met Nita and her husband face to face in Rome. From virtual to real, it seems. Ciao


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