Four For Friday (21)

Before long, the title of this sometime-series of readings will be just an alliterative poetic licence. The week serves up worthy readings far more numerous than four, way before Friday. If I take into account the entire gamut of my interests — that all feed off and feed one another — then the task of curation becomes trickier still. The liberty of sharing more than four however shall be taken. Liberally.

Good story-telling makes for good products. While the article focus on technology product design, it is also an idea core to design at Livyora (declaration of interest: founding COO!).

On Twitter and in the workplace, it is power to the connectors, says Rosabeth Moss Kanter.

Older minds make better decisions. Because they selectively retain information. This link came via @chrisyeh who is a brilliant person to follow on Twitter. (Bonus reading: this review of a well-written, accessible book on the matter of the grown-up brain.)

Chief Marketing Officers must embrace technology. Or fail. This link came via @syamant, one of the most thoughtful strategists and doers I know. Related to this theme I spent a brilliant day at Chinwag’s Psych event about neuroscience and marketing.

If, like me, you have a penchant for spending guilt-free days at the British Museum or the Victoria and Albert’s jewellery section, you probably have an altruistic streak. Say scientists.

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