Shefaly Yogendra is a governance, growth, risk, and decision-making specialist with a focus on technology, branding and talent. She is a non-executive Director on the boards of JP Morgan US Smaller Companies Investment Trust (LSE: JUSC), Temple Bar Investment Trust (LSE: TMPL), Harmony Energy Income Trust (LSE: HEIT) and Witan Investment Trust (LSE: WTAN). She is also an independent governor of London Metropolitan University and a former trustee of BeyondMe. Shefaly was listed among the “100 Women To Watch” in the Female FTSE Board Report 2016.

Most recently the COO of Ditto AI, an explainable AI company in Manchester, Shefaly was earlier the founder-COO and creative director at the fine jewellery startup Livyora in London. Her career began in HCL Technologies.

Shefaly is an advisor to boards, CEOs, founders & investors. She is also a founding member of the academic faculty at the Vedica Scholars Programme for women leaders in India.

Shefaly has trained at some of the world’s leading academic establishments in India, the USA and the UK. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering, an MBA, a Master’s degree in Technology Policy and a PhD in decision-making. She also served as a Cambridge-MIT Institute Research Fellow in MIT’s Technology and Policy Program, located in the Engineering Systems Division.


Trusted advisor to boards and executive teams of operating businesses, and startup founders, Shefaly has also worked with investors and with national and supranational bodies.

Shefaly draws upon her deep expertise in strategy, technology, regulation, investment, and risk, to help executives and boards identify core strategic challenges clearly. Once the challenges are prioritised she brings her broad perspective to bear in forming the right strategic approaches, with an eye on balancing the business’s financial sustainability with its social contract. This approach, which she has used for over two decades is now familiar to most as ESG.

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Shefaly conducts hands-on workshops for boards and executive groups on a range of strategic topics including sensemaking with technology, building inclusive talent and teams, and assessing emerging risk.  

With her multidisciplinary lens, multisectoral experience, and astute observation of the world’s politics, business, science and society, Shefaly has a unique ability to connect more dots, faster than most anyone else. Doing that in real time she projects forward more scenarios than most and combining them with her perspective, she is often years ahead on seeing emerging challenges to business and regulation.

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Shefaly is a sought-after speaker on topics as wide ranging as better governance, risk thinking, technology and its impact, startup founders and ecosystems, inclusive leadership, business futures.  

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The clients for our advisory and consulting services include board directors, CEOs and founders, investors in technology, regulated and emergent sectors, policy makers, and business managers.

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Disclaimer: Shefaly’s writing reflects her own views, not those of any employers, clients, collaborators, colleagues, classmates, students, teachers – past or present or future.

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