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On Board

A readable treatise on the practice of governance, which, although focused on the arts, culture and education, is more broadly relevant.
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Now for something completely different

To go beyond tokenism on "difference" or "diversity", we need to practise governance differently. Starting with how we recruit board directors. And how we report on our intent, action, and progress for diversity.
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Finance: Innovating to 2030

Finance in 2030 will be shaped by politics, the self-directed consumer, and the churn among nation-states, big-tech and civil society at large.
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Inclusion on the board agenda

Boards can learn from Greg Clarke's resignation from the FA and ask themselves whether inclusion and antiracism are truly on their organisational agenda.
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Risk communication and public health

If we take a cue from HIV/ AIDS, and learn to live with Covid19, the practice of prevention and regular testing could help us rebuild our economies and societies.
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Friendship and decisions

In trying times, friends matter; the right friends matter even more. The pandemic is forcing a rethink.
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Our ways of seeing

The experience of this pandemic has made explicit our ways of seeing. It can inform what and how we need to learn so we can cope with the next complex challenges life may bring us.
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New kid on the block

Much is made of diversity as a source of better thinking on boards. Not enough is made of the value of a new kid on the block.
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Documenting 2020

In this historic, highly distributed, hyper online, super connected time, together we are writing the first draft of the history of 2020.
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Talk video

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