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Friendship and decisions

In trying times, friends matter; the right friends matter even more. The pandemic is forcing a rethink.
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Our ways of seeing

The experience of this pandemic has made explicit our ways of seeing. It can inform what and how we need to learn so we can cope with the next complex challenges life may bring us.
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New kid on the block

Much is made of diversity as a source of better thinking on boards. Not enough is made of the value of a new kid on the block.
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Documenting 2020

In this historic, highly distributed, hyper online, super connected time, together we are writing the first draft of the history of 2020.
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Talk video

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BLM in the Boardroom

Boards, that do not have a sophisticated understanding of slavery legacy and anti-racism, are at a disadvantage.
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Experience is unhelpful

In shaping the post-Covid world, experience may be less relevant than resilience, creativity, empathy, perspective, and the ability to connect dots.
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Stories and our common future

We need shared stories to make sense of the crises brought about by the pandemic, and to kickstart our collective imagination as we navigate our way out.
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Being boring and risk

Unless a miracle cure for Covid19 emerges, we are going to have to learn to avoid superspreaders, and to avoid becoming superspreaders.
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Simplify, don't oversimplify

We are framing Covid19 too simplistically, just as we did obesity, and hoping for a silver bullet -- a cure, a vaccine. Just like obesity this may be a losing battle.
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