Whose data are they anyway?

What a difference two days make! First, T-Mobile in the UK informed the Information Commissioner’s Office that some of its own rogue employees had sold on the firm’s contract customer data to third parties. These third parties then ring the contract customers just before their contract expiry to offer deals that may or may not […]

Art or Science?

Is management an art or a science? This is the direction in which the conversation in the comments section of an earlier post on Recession-proofing Your Career veered. The answer, just as with other questions in life, is not clear cut, nor all-pleasing at all times. But to me, the question should be different. Are […]

The genetic research gold rush

When the California gold rush began, the story goes that it was the guys selling picks and shovels that made the booty. What would be the equivalent of “picks and shovels” in genetics research then? Well, it would be “platforms” that enable research in many different ways, and “methods” of analysing data so it makes […]


Yes, I know that post title should have been followed by ‘sic‘ in brackets. I can spell fine but before ‘pharming‘ was cruelly hijacked by ‘phishers’, it used to imply a combination of the agricultural methods with advanced biotechnology. This involves insertion, into plants and animals, of genetic material that would code for useful drug […]