Four For Friday (9)

This occasional series of good readings from around the web covers the themes of strategy, technology, investment and regulation. This week’s picks focus on innovation and investment.

How do Innovators think? – from a  conversation between Professors Jeff Dyer of Brigham Young University and Hal Gregersen of Insead, and Harvard Business Review.

Paul Kedrosky writes about better alignment of limited partner and general partner interests in private equity. This is a two-fer for this article follows on from another article by Daphne Zohar here.

Fred Destin wonders if Europe is going to emasculate venture capital with misguided regulation. It is a great read but as many start-ups and early stage companies are finding, few VCs in Europe are actually paying much attention to the “venture” aspect of their business.

And a visual link on raising venture capital, from the incomparable OnStartups blog. Click through and see what occupies much of my time these days.

Four For Friday (4)

This occasional series appears when the week’s readings have been good and should be shared. The themes are strategy, technology, investment and regulation, but sometimes they just cannot be separated. Sometimes the readings have been so good that I have a hard time picking just four. That is why this issue appears on Saturday this week instead of Friday. This week’s readings are also focused on social media conversations and the changing role of the customer. 

Albert Einstein reportedly said ““If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”. This week Dina Mehta presents an apparently simple, but quietly powerful, model for measuring the value of social media conversations

JP Rangaswamy’s reflective post on customer participation in business innovation, titled Faster Horses in the Age of Co-creation, generated so much conversation that he followed up with a post that identifies the trends all innovative businesses would do well to heed. This second post is titled Whoa! Reining in the Faster Horses. Both resonated with me because I am involved with a couple of clients at the moment who are doing this right. I get to test the learnings, so to speak. 

Fred Wilson shares his views on Adeo Ressi’s criticisms of the Venture Capital model, and then revisits an old and clear lesson on what makes some VCs greater than others. Both good reads. 

Over at GigaOm, a post that combines technology, innovation and regulation and offers a strategic puzzle: Will 4G networks get sidetracked by patent problems?