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People, pandemic, and places of work

The pandemic has given us a chance to question why we work, where we work, how we work. This is our opportunity to create truly inclusive and enabling organisational cultures.
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Documenting 2020

In this historic, highly distributed, hyper online, super connected time, together we are writing the first draft of the history of 2020.
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Stories and our common future

We need shared stories to make sense of the crises brought about by the pandemic, and to kickstart our collective imagination as we navigate our way out.
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Grief, mental wellbeing and the workplace

Employers need to be proactive about addressing the challenges of grief, bereavement and trauma faced by employees.
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On our collective wellbeing

Celebrity suicides foster chatter but in my mind, with an awareness of suicide contagion, there is concern as I look around at my own friends and colleagues. Which among my own set is about to act similarly? Do I know how to read the signs? How would I help someone with suicide ideation?
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AI won't fix hiring biases, but you might

If you want to remove hiring bias, don't turn to AI; take a leaf from the British civil service's book and use first-principles thinking to fix the process.
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On talent and hiring

Most hiring is happenstance; wrong hiring decisions are not irreversible; talent cannot thrive in unsuitable work conditions; one and done is no way to build an inclusive organisation: these are some of the lessons I have learnt through my career.
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Don't just fire that "toxic" employee

Don't just fire that "toxic" employee. Stop, reflect, examine the role your leadership and your organisation played in fostering that toxicity. Then fix it.
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A Good Time To Be A Girl

I read A Good Time To Be A Girl on Easter Sunday 2018, an appropriate thematic read. That is 246 pages of writing excluding …
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Everybody Lies

It took me about 5 hours on Christmas eve to read the whole of Everybody Lies: What the Internet Can Tell As About Who …
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