Obese Britannia

With our love of junk food of both the fish-and-chips and McDonald's varieties and our loathing of exercise, and despite our best intents, we in Britain are slip-sliding our way to Obese Britannia. Want to know our secrets? Click to read today's post on my Obesity blog.

Do Wii agree?

I learnt this morning, via Paul Kedrosky, of Om Malik having suffered a heart attack. Om is 43, and a leading Silicon Valley technology journalist, commentator and writer, whose influential commentary is widely read. It sounds dreadful and sobering that a 43 year old should have a heart attack. Om is also of Indian origin. … Continue reading Do Wii agree?

Sleep less, gain weight

Research, suggesting that a good and adequate night's sleep is essential to not gaining weight, is my favourite kind of research. It validates my need for 8-9 hours of sleep a night. To read more on how lack of sleep affects children's weight gain, you can read today's post here over on my other blog.


An unfulfilled dream in my life goes way back to my days as a student of engineering. I was endlessly fascinated with robots and what they could do. I wanted to create a robot for doing mundane housework such as mopping and another for intelligent conversations. In the final year, I wrote a seminar/ thesis … Continue reading Dietobotics…