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Governance and the small private company

Small businesses need good governance for financial and social sustainability, but are not always able or willing to build governance capacity or brook independent challenge.
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Charity boards and the "board experience" conundrum

The lack of experience holding board-keen people back is a real challenge. Advising inexperienced board-keen people to try and become charity board directors is not the answer. 
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Awareness and leadership

To drive meaningful change, it is essential that leaders have broad awareness and be willing to admit that the status quo does not work. If a leader cannot bring him/herself to admit to being aware of the the very obvious visible to all around us, should they really be leading anything?
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The importance of being prepared redux

The theme "be prepared" recurs in so many areas in life, I keep expecting to see it in action. And every once in a while there are some stellar examples of preparation winning the day even if at great cost to the other side that believes in "winging it".
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Leadership and "principles"

While business is already grappling with the need to deliver greater accountability towards the societal context they operate in, politics in liberal democracies is due an overhaul.
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My 2018 in books

I pick social commentary, business books, quirky books on popularity, a business novel and poetry. Most are not on popular lists. Which is why this list is worth a read.
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AI: to implement or not to implement

The cost of implementing some form of AI today is minuscule compared to the opportunity cost of inaction. After all not implementing AI today will not defer the future. 
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California state & women on boards

The proposed California state law requiring women on boards of public companies headquartered in the state is a big daring opening gambit in forcing the long overdue conversation on diversity and inclusion.
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Asking the right questions

If their impact is to be real then art and culture need to get out of buildings, and give up their reliance on containment of experience through curation and of access through control.
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Protest as a strategic lever

Protest is a strategic lever which leaders ignore at their peril. And it is here to stay. 
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