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Comparing jobs? Think impact!

When evaluating job offers, think of the role, the degrees of freedom, the culture. But real wealth will come if you know how to deliver real, positive and sustainable impact with all of these.
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My super revealing interview question

Ask a candidate why you should not hire them, and you get a lot more insight into their characters than all the preceding questions have given you.
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Timeless basics for new managers

Classroom lectures in management schools can not equip managers to deal with the contact sport of managing and developing people. These learnings from my experience may resonate.
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AI won't fix hiring biases, but you might

If you want to remove hiring bias, don't turn to AI; take a leaf from the British civil service's book and use first-principles thinking to fix the process.
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On talent and hiring

Most hiring is happenstance; wrong hiring decisions are not irreversible; talent cannot thrive in unsuitable work conditions; one and done is no way to build an inclusive organisation: these are some of the lessons I have learnt through my career.
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Don't just fire that "toxic" employee

Don't just fire that "toxic" employee. Stop, reflect, examine the role your leadership and your organisation played in fostering that toxicity. Then fix it.
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Leadership and "principles"

While business is already grappling with the need to deliver greater accountability towards the societal context they operate in, politics in liberal democracies is due an overhaul.
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My 2018 in books

I pick social commentary, business books, quirky books on popularity, a business novel and poetry. Most are not on popular lists. Which is why this list is worth a read.
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California state & women on boards

The proposed California state law requiring women on boards of public companies headquartered in the state is a big daring opening gambit in forcing the long overdue conversation on diversity and inclusion.
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Pay if you want talent

As business leaders, if we want talent in a role we say we value, we have to pay fairly and commensurate with the value we attach to the role. Talk is free.
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