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The importance of being prepared

Yesterday, a young friend of mine met with a well-regarded academic in her field. He has been teaching for over 2 decades. When she …
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Are you in business with your friends?

One of the most misleading lines, often cited from The Godfather is: “It’s not personal, Sonny. It’s strictly business.” An entrepreneur will smile wryly …
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Four for Friday (15)

This week’s eclectic, interesting reads: The hall of shame? A list of VCs with no female investing partners. One step closer to Eternal Sunshine …
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Lessons for success from Darwin's life

For nerds, scientists and Charles Darwin fans, the year 2009 is a bumper year. It is both the 200th year of his birth, and …
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Second outing: Lost in translation

This post first appeared in November 2007, and generated a fair bit of dialogue. In the meanwhile, of course, we have found ourselves amid …
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Lost in translation?

Long post alert! As information overload grows, it seems the world is getting lost in translation. This confusion and lack of clear communication goes …
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Twist in the tale: Watson (contd.)

Continuing the story of James Watson, Cold Spring Harbour Laboratories first issued a press release distancing themselves from Watson’s view on intelligence of black …
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Scientists as "people"

Long post alert! The Science Museum in London has cancelled a talk by James Watson, of Watson & Crick fame. The museum takes exception …
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The Nobel economists

With my interest in asymmetries, I would like to blog more about the mechanism design theory but for now, it is great to know …
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The Workplace Bully

Workplace bullies are remarkably common. They adversely affect productivity and morale, and must be dealt with.
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