Four For Friday (40)

Women as CEOs, digital native children as designers of the world being eaten by software, work and AI, and ok, since we are all remote-working thanks to coronavirus, a reflection on the loneliness it may precipitate for some and some excellent hacks for getting it right all feature in this week's picks.

My 2018 in books

I pick social commentary, business books, quirky books on popularity, a business novel and poetry. Most are not on popular lists. Which is why this list is worth a read.

Women Artists in London: Annie Leibovitz

Long post alert! Women artists are predicted to garner more attention this year. Right on cue there is Women: New Portraits, by Annie Leibovitz, the American photographer. The London show launches the 10-city international tour of the exhibition. These images are a continuation of the project Women that Leibovitz began with Susan Sontag many years … Continue reading Women Artists in London: Annie Leibovitz