My writing on boards, governance, startups, business, careers and decision-making has been syndicated in Inc. magazine, Forbes magazine, Newsweek magazine, Slate magazine, and others. If you would like me to write for you, please contact me here.

Select publications:

Inc., 24-Aug-2018: Skip the free snacks – here is what your tech startup should really be investing in

Forbes, 20-Aug-2018: Is HR underrated in tech startups?

Inc., 21-Aug-2017: What a company’s board can tell you about its culture

Inc., 16-Aug-2017: The leadership of a small, new, privately owned enterprise has the opportunity to build a foundation of good governance.

Inc., 27-June-2017: Should boards create diversity, regardless of a lack of skill, talent, ability or knowledge?

Inc., 23-June-2017: Want to know what a company really values? Look at its board of directors

Forbes, 22-June-2017: No, Uber won’t be better off without Travis Kalanick as CEO

Inc., 19-June-2017: Why your company’s unconscious bias training is not working

Inc., 27-May-2017: Hard-set career goals will lead you away from a rewarding career.

Inc., 26-May-2017: Change is brewing in the boardrooms of India’s big businesses.

Inc., 16-May-2017: Fostering gender diversity in board rooms and quotas for women.

Inc., 7-April-2017: Nine lessons from startup failures.

Inc., 30-March-2017: Five fatal mistakes entrepreneurs make when forming a corporate board.

Inc., 15-March-2017: The one thing Uber’s investors must demand of its internal investigations into sexual harassment allegations.

Slate, 8-February-2016: Should I invest in a Birkin bag instead of stocks?

Slate, 13-July-2015: How do you respond to a child who asks lots of questions?

Column Series on Startups:

FirstPost’s Tech2 section hosted my 22-column series of no-nonsense, pragmatic, empathetic advice to founders.

Other publications:

Slate En Français, 8-July-2018: L’été sans climatisation dans un pays très chaud

The Independent’s Indy 100, 25-August-2017: How to get a famous person to reply to your tweets

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