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Shefaly speaks and writes on governance, risk, startups, leadership, creativity, innovation, design-thinking, technology, and strategy. She also conducts C-suite and board workshops in better decision-making.

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Recent talks, panels and other appearances:

Speaker, Architecting AI-powered organisations from the bottom-up, The AI Summit London, Online Event, September 2, 2020.

Panel Speaker, Ada’s List ReStructure Series, On White Privilege (Getting uncomfortable with our privilege, bias, and 3 actions to take), Online Event, July 2, 2020 (a recap post is available here; and a 5-min video of takeaways is here)

Speaker, Prime Time@9, hosted by Tech Mahindra for their global leadership team, Private Online Event, June 8, 2020

Expert Panelist, Negotiation 101, hosted by the American Center in New Delhi, supported by Women in Labour podcast and The Wild City, Online Event, June 4, 2020

Panel Speaker, The City in a data-driven world, an Elevate City event, London, January 29, 2020

Speaker, Changes in Corporate Governance code, an NEDonBoard event, London, January 28, 2020

Panel speaker, Future Fit: upskilling for the tech powered future, London, October 8, 2019

Panel speaker, Advisory boards: how to build a good one and manage it well, Girls Just Wanna Have Funds, London, July 22, 2019

Panel speaker, Harnessing the power of data & analytics, BCG FI.Summit, CEMA-WESA, Vienna, March 27-28, 2019

Speaker, CivTech(R): Bringing AI to the Public Sector, Public Sector AI, February 13, 2019 (speaking in stead of Jack Morris)

Speaker, BBC Design + Engineering, January 17, 2019

Speaker, 30% Club & 2020 Women on Boards Event, November 15, 2018

Speaker, Artificial Intelligence: A Case of TCO outweighing the benefits, GRC Summit, November 13, 2018

Speaker on future growth, RBS Growing Inclusive Leadership in Technology – Edinburgh, October 29, 2018

Panellist on future growth, RBS Growing Inclusive Leadership in Technology, October 11, 2018

Panellist, Millennials in the Workplace, Women in Banking & Finance, April 30, 2018

Speaker, Adoreum Thought Leadership Breakfast Series, April 24, 2018

Panellist, Tackling The Skills Gap: AI & us, February 27, 2018

Pitch coach and judge, Hack for social benefit to create a more inclusive social environment for refugee women and children, with NatWest, Accenture, TechFugees, IBM and FriendlyFires, January 26-28, 2018

Startup&Bloom, November 21-22, 2017, discussing startups and boards on November 22, 2017

Growing Inclusive Leadership in Tech, October 2-6, 2017, speaking about future growth and inclusive leadership on October 2, 2017

Finding your way on board, an UPWARD Women London event, September 19, 2017

Surgery: How to overcome self-limiting beliefs and behaviours using what we know about decision-making, May 23, 2017

Boardroom Conversation: Financial Services Boards, February 23, 2017

The Policy Exchange’s launch of the report “Bitter Sweet Success?” – November 30, 2016

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day – November 19, 2016

The Mirror: Our Bodies, Our Selves – October 20, 2016

Female Founders Mentor Day – sold out and waitlisted session on business modelling – June 30, 2016

Learning from Diversity – a talk on National Women in Engineering Day, at Worldpay – June 29, 2016

How She Did It: Dealing with Cofounder Issues – March 10, 2016

Quoted here:

Economic Times, Redefining Capitalism @ Davos2020, January 24, 2020

Technology acceleration and Network effects will create new value sources and business models. 

AI led automation is also growing rapidly as is the fear of huge job losses, which runs counter to the idea of broad stakeholder capitalism. Dr Shefaly Yogendra, currently serving on UK Research & Innovation’s AI Review external advisory group, sees this differently. “We have had periods of near-full employment in recent history and we are currently in one, although there is understandable fear of automation related job losses. What history tells us is that jobs change. Some jobs that exist today will not exist tomorrow, but new jobs will be created. This means the real challenge is re-skilling and constant learning and easy access to ways to update skills. Big data for insights and predictions is equally available to policy makers and to those shaping future trajectories in education and skills.”  

Innovate UK, The power of the crowd: female-led innovative businesses on networking, June 19, 2019

But how can you build a meaningful connection with a new contact? explainable AI firm Ditto AI’s COO, Shefaly Yogendra, had this advice:

I dislike the reducing of fabulous human beings we know into a network. So my advice simply is — take genuine interest in the totality of the people you meet, pay attention to them and what they say and what they do, listen to learn not to respond, give before you expect to take, and finally, think long term.

Learn to let go and do not operate a ledger of favours you may do to people. What we give is what comes back to us.”

Service Now, Can your AI explain itself?, February 12, 2019

““Customers have a right to ask ‘how did you arrive at this outcome?’” says Shefaly Yogendra, chief operating officer of UK‑based Ditto, one of several new companies offering tools that make AI processes and decisions more transparent. “If you rejected my loan application, why did you do it?””

Financial Times, When loneliness at work drives employees to quit their jobs, June 8, 2017

Shefaly Yogendra, a governance and risk consultant, also experienced virtual-office loneliness, this time working from home with teams in Asia and California. “Office banter is a social lubricant. It humanises people and makes them seem not like robots,” she says. “There is an existential quality to loneliness.” For her, the solution was not to find throngs of co-workers but to “calm the monkey mind” through yoga.


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