Luxury’s other heritage challenge

"You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely take care of it for the next generation.” This well-known Patek Philippe tag line tells its customers that the brand's heritage could be part of their own as they bequeath their Patek timepieces to their future generations. (Patek Philippe's famous next-generation ad (c) Patek Philippe) One … Continue reading Luxury’s other heritage challenge

Respectful design, contemptuous design

Conversations with many friends, who are building communities for social businesses or are in other customer-facing roles, reveal a shared frustration. It appears that community builders and customer facing persons, and designers in a business are singing from different hymn sheets. Often, once the beta or whatever the business deems a shippable version of the … Continue reading Respectful design, contemptuous design

Pretty and other things about tech wading into luxury

I see a lot of chatter on Twitter about how some lollipop/ icecream/ sundae update on Android doesn't work on this device or that from different manufacturers. Then there are the workarounds, the fixes that one needs to learn, and consequent boasts on Twitter. And the many exhortations to do factory reset and start from … Continue reading Pretty and other things about tech wading into luxury

Is care in design exclusionary and elitist?

The monograph last week generated much conversation. And some observations that caring in design and craftsmanship was all about expensive pieces made for the few, not for the masses. Seeing the examples that I cited, it is not entirely inconceivable to think of caring and craftsmanship as the preserve of the few. But that couldn't … Continue reading Is care in design exclusionary and elitist?