Experience is unhelpful

In shaping the post-Covid world, experience may be less relevant than resilience, creativity, empathy, perspective, and the ability to connect dots.
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Stories and our common future

We need shared stories to make sense of the crises brought about by the pandemic, and to kickstart our collective imagination as we navigate our way out.
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Being boring and risk

Unless a miracle cure for Covid19 emerges, we are going to have to learn to avoid superspreaders, and to avoid becoming superspreaders.
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Simplify, don't oversimplify

We are framing Covid19 too simplistically, just as we did obesity, and hoping for a silver bullet -- a cure, a vaccine. Just like obesity this may be a losing battle.
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A perspective on grass

Sometimes advice is not about helping solve a dilemma but enabling better sharpening of the way we are framing the problem.
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Four For Friday (42)

The future following this pandemic cannot be designed by cynics who peddle stories of human selfishness and paint pictures of calamities. Hope, you will remember, was the last thing to come out of Pandora's Box of ills. That hope will shape us.
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The essence

To know what is non-essential, we need to know what is essential. Our enforced quarantine, social distancing, self isolation in the time of coronavirus are offering us plenty of time to ponder this important question. Things may not be the same when we have finished pondering.
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Covid19 and remaking society

Covid19 is going to remake our society whether we like it or not. It is not sufficient to dislike what may be already underway.
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Four For Friday (41)

What links coronavirus, leadership, women on boards, climate change and disinformation? Read this week's links to find out.
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Four For Friday (40)

Women as CEOs, digital native children as designers of the world being eaten by software, work and AI, and ok, since we are all remote-working thanks to coronavirus, a reflection on the loneliness it may precipitate for some and some excellent hacks for getting it right all feature in this week's picks.
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