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How do you solve a problem called Inclusion? (2)

Inclusion is not an "HR problem" but a strategic challenge for boards. The solution does not lie only in fixing how you hire but in committing to driving cultural change.
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Accessibility, literacy, responsibility

If you are a board director who lacks fluency in technologies, established or emerging, you may be failing in your duties as a director, perhaps without realising.
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Connective tissue

Governance is a contact sport that requires boards to understand the connective tissue of an organisation; which like the human body is sadly only noticed when it fails to deliver as expected. We can choose to take more conscious approaches to noting its role.
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Boards and Liminality

Boards are in a liminal space as growing complexity necessitates different governance structures, different people, and frequent self-reviews for relevance.
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Advice for Silver Linings (Competition) Playbook

Enabling ageing populations to contribute and providing sustainable care to those who need it, when and where they need it are both complex challenges. Not all neat and plausible solutions need to be wrong. We at Silver Linings aim to unearth the solutions that are not so well-known.
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