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Boards and Liminality

Boards are in a liminal space as growing complexity necessitates different governance structures, different people, and frequent self-reviews for relevance.
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Advice for Silver Linings (Competition) Playbook

Enabling ageing populations to contribute and providing sustainable care to those who need it, when and where they need it are both complex challenges. Not all neat and plausible solutions need to be wrong. We at Silver Linings aim to unearth the solutions that are not so well-known.
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Reimagining Capitalism

The title is aspirational but the book seems mainly fit for a layperson, who is just getting started on the idea that capitalism in its current form is not serving broader society and needs reform.
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People and the perfect storm

The power balance between employers and potential and current employees is shifting. Boards and CEOs would do well to heed the risks arising.
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People, pandemic, and places of work

The pandemic has given us a chance to question why we work, where we work, how we work. This is our opportunity to create truly inclusive and enabling organisational cultures.
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