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Drivers and Allies

If you want to drive change, don't drive alone. Identify your allies. Bring those allies with you. Let them ride shotgun.
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How do you solve a problem called Inclusion? (2)

Inclusion is not an "HR problem" but a strategic challenge for boards. The solution does not lie only in fixing how you hire but in committing to driving cultural change.
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Accessibility, literacy, responsibility

If you are a board director who lacks fluency in technologies, established or emerging, you may be failing in your duties as a director, perhaps without realising.
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Connective tissue

Governance is a contact sport that requires boards to understand the connective tissue of an organisation; which like the human body is sadly only noticed when it fails to deliver as expected. We can choose to take more conscious approaches to noting its role.
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Boards and Liminality

Boards are in a liminal space as growing complexity necessitates different governance structures, different people, and frequent self-reviews for relevance.
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