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Talent risks and the board

Talent should be on the board agenda because bad hiring practices demotivate and cause attrition, as well as damage equity and diversity in an organisation.


On Chairing

There is no way to learn the practice of governance except from experience — that of others and that of one’s own the latter of which is likely to be just a compendium of bloopers made.


Risk conversations 2021

With the lessons of 2020 to guide us, boards need to change their risk conversations and their strategic priorities for 2021.


On Board

A readable treatise on the practice of governance, which, although focused on the arts, culture and education, is more broadly relevant.


Now for something completely different

To go beyond tokenism on “difference” or “diversity”, we need to practise governance differently. Starting with how we recruit board directors. And how we report on our intent, action, and progress for diversity.