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Designing for your future self: the discussion

The discussion at the Design Museum surfaced many themes useful to designers, marketers and others who work with people across ages and stages of life.
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Designing for your future self

Our ultimate future self is dead. For this future we design the path we take there, the state in which we arrive there, and getting right (more or less) the timing of when we arrive there. It would be a bonus to be able to choose the manner of dying.
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Neurodiversity, disclosure, and the workplace

Leaders and boards must create a truly inclusive organisational culture before requiring or nudging the neurodiverse or other kinds of different persons to disclose their difference.
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"Good Chairman are born, not made": a debate

"Born" or "made" is a false dichotomy - nearly everyone is "born" with the potential to be "made". Whether they realise the potential is often a more complex function than dichotomies often cannot address.
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Boards and governance: Lessons from 2022

The year widely if wrongly described as "post pandemic" has lessons for the what and the how of governance, BAU and business-as-unusual, and the changing nature of accountability.
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