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People, pandemic, and places of work

The pandemic has given us a chance to question why we work, where we work, how we work. This is our opportunity to create truly inclusive and enabling organisational cultures.
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Blowing the bloody doors off

True inclusion disrupts the “self preservation society” of the status quo on boards and in executive suites. To make it a reality, we need to “get a bloomin’ move on!”.
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Bully in the boardroom

Board directors and chairs should take bullying seriously; it can hamper an organisation's ability to perform and their own ability to fulfil their statutory and fiduciary duties.
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Cyber risk heads out of boardrooms

The multi-headed hydra of cyber security is now a national security problem. Bits of that hydra are out of the boardroom but the bits that remain in the boardroom continue to need vigilance and and an understanding of risk controls.
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Managing conflicts of interest

Identifying and managing conflicts of interest, both professional and personal, is one of the key challenges for board and committee chairs, so they can ensure directors properly discharge their duty of care towards the organisations they oversee.
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