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Trust and transformational tech

Open AI's stakeholders the world over are currently bearing systemic risk and uncertainty at a massive scale while the leadership situation is resolved. The trust dented may take longer to recover.
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The first board "retirement" is here

My six years as a director and trustee on the board of London Metropolitan University have seen me serve in many roles and now that capacity comes free and I look forward to my next boards.
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On Board Apprenticeships

It takes both a willing, welcoming and committed board, and a committed board apprentice to make the experience worthwhile for both sides. Start with the "why?" and whether you are ready!
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Generative AI and us humans

Generative AI tools may be able to crawl the web and extract things for us with one prompt; we still need to know something, recall it, frame our query sensibly for the generative AI tools to return something meaningful for us.
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Designing for your future self: the discussion

The discussion at the Design Museum surfaced many themes useful to designers, marketers and others who work with people across ages and stages of life.
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